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We offer educational sessions on Medicare and Social Security in a way that is easy to understand and relate, so that when the time comes you can make wise choices with your Medicare and Social Security. Our employee group sessions are top of the line and are highly recommended!

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Having been on both sides of the Medicare game working as a captive agent only allowed to sell a specific company’s products to selling products from many carriers as an independent agent, Mary-Anne understands the importance of educating her clients. In a world of information, it has never been more important to protect yourself with knowledge. She practices as a fiduciary who puts her clients’ needs first and not push for expensive products in search of higher commissions. She wouldn’t treat you any less than she would her own family and friends.

During the pandemic the need for specialized guidance surrounding Medicare and Social Security was emphasized and Mary-Anne realized how many people could not connect to a local source for education. Instead, many were forced to get all their advice from confusing websites because waiting on the phone for hours and going to shut down locations weren’t an option. Even when they were, the need for in depth explanations was magnified.  After personally seeing the struggle in her community and the lack of education and extreme confusion in Medicare and Social security programs, she decided to make it her goal to spread the knowledge to as many people as possible. It is an odd niche to be so passionate about, but the events in her life have led her to the place in which she is allowed and strongly desires to do so.

She loves her country, and it is obvious as she has already served 19 years in the Mississippi Army National Guard and plans on serving for many more years. 14 months of that time was spent overseas in Kuwait in support of Operation Spartan Shield while she completed her Master of Finance. In addition to guiding baby boomers through confusing social insurance programs, she will continue serving in the military for many years to come as an additional way of giving back to those who proceeded her.

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“As a new person to Medicare and trying to figure everything out, I was very thankful when a friend recommended that I talk to Mary-Anne about Medicare. Mary-Anne was able to explain Medicare to me and how it works. She also guided me in selecting and doing the paperwork for my supplement and drug plan. Mary-Anne is very easy to talk to and can answer any questions you may have about Medicare, picking a supplement and/or a drug plan. Regardless if you have been on Medicare for awhile or are new to Medicare, I highly recommend Mary-Anne to help you through this process.”

-Peggy W.                                               Aug 2023

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